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Automobile Collection

The Automobile, Motorcycle and Bicycle Collection in the Museu do Caramulo started with João Lacerda, in 1955, when he bought a 1925 Ford Model T. The collection has grown ever since and is on show in the museum.

Given the success of the museum and its prestige, several pieces have been added to the collections due to the donations from private and public entities.

However, to be put on show each car must be completely restored and in full running condition, just like when it was manufactured. To achieve it the vehicles have to run at least once a year for maintenance purposes. The participation in various events, such as races, rallies, competitions orpublic demonstrations are crucial, not only to guarantee its correct roadworthy condition, but to reach out to the enthusiasts and general public with live and running pieces of history.

This was idea was taken in account, when the second building was constructed, to house the growing automobile collection. Its design allows each vehicle to exit easily, without restrictions.

The Museu do Caramulo has a permanent collection of 30 motorcycles, and 70 cars (of which 14 are vintage cars), representing 36 different makes and 7 countries. The oldest is an 1886 Benz and the most recent a Ferrari 456, of 1998. There are also collections of antique bicycles and tricycles.

Many of the cars on show are connected to the History of Portugal. In the permanent collection at the museum one can see:
  • The oldest car in Portugal, still in running condition, an 1899 Peugeot;
  • The Bugatti 35B that in 1931 established the speed record in Lehrfeld at more than 200 km/h;
  • The bullet proof armoured Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac that were in the service of Oliveira Salazar;
  • The Pegaso, given by General Francisco Franco to President Craveiro Lopes;
  • The Chrysler Imperial belonging to the Portuguese Secret Service (PIDE) that was used in the escape from the Caxias Prison;
  • The Renault that belonged to "conselheiro" João Franco;
  • The Rolls-Royce that was used by Queen Elizabeth II, President Eisenhower, Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II during their state visits to Portugal;
  • The Fiat offered to João de Lacerda, by the President of the Fiat Group.

Mercedes 300SL


Bugatti 35B

Bugatti T40


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